You look cute in your pick up truck

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Ford, the automaker synonymous with big pickups, is about to introduce a new compact truck, one considerably smaller than its popular midsize Ranger. It should go on sale in the third quarter of this year. Small pickups built on car-type, or unibody, platforms have an uninterrupted history of disappointing in the U. The bigger unibody Honda Ridgeline — a midsize like the Ranger — has won awards, but never sold anywhere near as well as competitors built on traditional pickup chassis. If the Maverick takes off, you can expect other brands to develop competitors, creating a market for small pickups.

Automakers like to treat plans for introducing new vehicles like the invasion of Normandy, but everybody knows the Maverick is coming.

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More: Electric Jeep Wrangler, retro-look Jeepster compact pickup star among brand's concepts. Hyundai will unveil a pickup based on a similar architecture April Hyundai spent years researching before greenlighting the Santa Cruz.

Sales probably will begin this summer or early fall.

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The website Maverick Truck Club has covered the truck's development extensively. Part of the reason automakers keep experimenting with small unibody pickups is that they use architectures and engines already developed for SUVs and passenger cars. Adding a pickup to the roster of vehicles built from those parts is pretty close to free money for an automaker that already makes millions of unibody cars, like Hyundai.

The major investment is already committed. Adding even a relatively small of pickups to the SUVs and cars you expected to get from that budget makes the whole project more profitable. Pickups are popular, but forecasters have modest expectations for the Maverick and Santa Cruz, maybe fewer than 90, combined sales a year at their peak. Even though developing them cost less than engineering a new vehicle from the ground up, the engineering and manufacturing investment is still ificant.

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Maverick assembly in Mexico may permit sales in South American countries the U. Challenge No. The Fiat-based Ram pickup is an example. It's built in Brazil and sold in a of countries, including Mexico. A recent facelift gave it a cool modern look, but nobody at Stellantis is considering it for U.

Owners should be equally comfortable with the idea of taking one to dinner, a campsite or pick up 10 bags of mulch. If not, it'll be the latest, and probably not the last, time the idea captivated automakers but left American buyers cold.

You look cute in your pick up truck

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