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Nominate someone here. To enhance and strengthen the quality of life for the citizens of Greater Fairfield. View the list of grants made by the Fairfield Community Foundation, the organizations to whom grants were made and the amounts granted from through the present.

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He is replacing Brian Begley who has completed his one- year term. Doug serves on the Board of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce and is active in his church. The foundation is thrilled to have her their Board. I love Fairfield, Ohio. I've been a long time resident; I work in Fairfield and my children go to school in Fairfield. I am very involved in our great city.

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I enjoy leading and bring my past experiences, energy and ideas to the table and the opportunity to learn from other seasoned business leaders from our community to make our city the best it can be for families and businesses. I have a passion for helping kids in need and their families. I am a firm believer we must be good stewards of nonprofits funds and that there are needs beyond just financial donations so we are sustainable to advance our mission.

I look forward to being a part of the Fairfield Community Foundation. This scholarship fund was established to preserve and promote the principles that Dr. Alan Terry Hudson embodied throughout his life. Hudson was a proud and active Fairfield community member, born and raised in Fairfield, graduating in While there, the gentle giant was a 4-year Varsity football player, as well as the President of the high school Chemistry club, a testament of his love of both academia and good health.

Hudson and his year companion and wife Karen, moved back Women ready Fairfield county Ohio OH the Fairfield area where Dr. Hudson practiced for the next 40 years. Hudson cherished his wife and their 3 sons Brandon, Matt and Todd and later 3 beautiful daughters-in-law Barbie, Lindsey and Jenna whom he considered his own as well. Dedicated to helping people in his community, Dr. Also, an avid golfer and outdoorsman, Dr. Hudson became very active in the Elks club, where he was a member for 30 years. This fund was made possible through the work of his good friend Jim Fitton, the Hudson family and his exceptional and numerous friends.

The ideal candidate must possess the traits and characteristics that Dr. Hudson held high, exceptional Integrity, Humility and Honesty. Demonstration of these characteristics can be proved through 2 letters of recommendation from community, school or business leaders, and will hold the most ificant portion of weight in the application process. These funds will only be for use at a Vocational, Trade or Regional campus.

The Women ready Fairfield county Ohio OH must demonstrate financial need. There are no GPA requirements. This scholarship will be available in Justin has been an employee of Mercy Health since One of the highlights of the evening was awarding two outstanding organizations for their projects to help promote our mission in the Greater Fairfield community.

The voting was done during the event and the audience in attendance voted by either showing their cell phone light or raising their hands for their favorite. The real winner in this is the Greater Fairfield community. The proceeds of the grant will help assist in helping provide Christmas for approximately students of Fairfield Schools. Upon opening the box of safe, non-toxic art supplies, children will be presented with various media and tools to become immediately engaged and invited to think outside the box.

Jim Miller and his family moved to Fairfield in so that he could be closer to his employer, Cincinnati Financial Corporation. His arrival in Fairfield was the beginning of a long, positive relationship with the Fairfield community. His career blossomed at Cincinnati Financial and at the time of his retirement he was chief investment officer of Cincinnati Financial Corporation and its insurance subsidiaries and president of its asset management subsidiary, CinFin Capital Management Company.

He served on the board of Cincinnati Financial Corporation since He coached many youth teams and served on numerous committees enhancing the quality of life in our in the greater Fairfield area. He is a Founder of the Fairfield Community Foundation. Working for Fairfield City Schools, I have a great appreciation for the work of the Foundation and what they do for our students, which is just a small piece of their mission and vision to enhance and strengthen the quality of life for Fairfield citizens.

I have never experienced living in a community that is so passionate and involved with every aspect. By supporting our children, we will continue to keep this community as strong as it has been in the past, present and for their future. When asked why he felt he would be a good addition to the Board of Trustees, Chief Thomas shared," I believe that the board does very important work in the community and I would be honored to be a part of the board and give back to the community where I live and work.

I have always been a believer that actions speak much louder than words. I believe that if you're interested in helping your community, you need to do things that benefit the community, especially things that benefit the children. I'm also very impressed by the quality of individuals that serve as members of the board and I am truly honored to the Fairfield Community Foundation Board.

As we enter this season of giving, I am reminded of so many years ago when I was a little girl. The coffee pot was always on and my mom was always ready to listen to whatever anyone was willing to share about their lives. We could always have ketchup or miracle whip sandwiches until my dad was paid again. I believed we were rich because we always had enough to go around, unlike some of the people who came to visit with us. She said a generous spirit was worth all the riches in the world. I believe God le us down a path, teaches us valuable lessons along the way and places us where we find purpose to do his work.

I have been very fortunate in my career to have had many opportunities where I felt his strong hand guide me. Here at Fairfield Community Foundation, I too am able to help guide those with generous hearts to find their way to give to those who need their help.

Through our grants and scholarships, we can positively impact individuals to provide opportunities. This not only helps individuals, but impacts our community, making Greater Fairfield a wonderful place to live. May your holiday season be filled riches of the season, Linda.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace won the Grant Challenge providing beds and bedding for children who are living below the poverty level and do not have a bed. The beds are built by volunteers. After the beds are built, they will be distributed to children of Greater Fairfield.

Watch the video here. They run Day Centers for homeless families to shower, as well as do housing and job searches. The families receive help in parenting and financial skills. They also facilitate referrals to needed resources. The late Dr.

Stanley Goodman and Sally Braun. Benzing, Peggy Collins, Erick L. Cook, RobertW. Cropenbaker, Don Hassler, Tom O. Marsh, Joe Nuxhall and Robert F. Stanley Goodman, who passed away on May 28,will be honored posthumously. He founded Pediatric Associates of Fairfield and practiced medicine in Fairfield for thirty-nine years. In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Goodman was a generous volunteer, serving on many boards and committees.

One of his ificant contributions was as member of the Fairfield Board of Education for twenty years. Sally Braun loved children and education. She combined these passions as the nurse at Sacred Heart Elementary School for twenty-eight years. Many Fairfield citizens remember her loving Women ready Fairfield county Ohio OH at Sacred Heart as students and parents. Sally is also an avid volunteer serving on many boards and committees, including a member and president of the Fairfield Community Foundation Board of Trustees.

For their ificant contributions to the quality of life in the greater Fairfield community, the late Dr. For more details about Dr. Lou has been a Board member since and has been very involved in the Foundation. Lou and his family lived in Fairfield for more than 40 years and continue to do business in Fairfield. He is very active within the community serving as Past President of the Fairfield Prevention Coalition. He is also a current member of the Fairfield Rotary as well as Past President.

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Lou was recently named Rotarian of the Year for his tireless work and contributions within the community. He looks forward to supporting the Mission of the Fairfield Community Foundation to enhance and strengthen the quality of life for citizens of Greater Fairfield.

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Being a new transplant to greater Cincinnati, I have been inspired at seeing the level of engagement in community that surrounds us. Subsequent to ing Mercy Health Fairfield, the opportunity to now the team of the Fairfield Community Foundation is such an honor. I am excited to be able to work with Linda and her team in forwarding the mission of enhancing and strengthening the quality of life for Fairfield. Having served on a Foundation Board in Texas, I appreciate the impact that can be made through philanthropy and service.

I am inspired to help advance the mission of the Fairfield Community foundation. It is awarded to a Fairfield City or Township firefighter or resident enrolled in a paramedic program, firefighter level II program or pursuing a degree in fire science or administration. Madeline is a University of Cincinnati graduate.

Women ready Fairfield county Ohio OH

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