Wanting to Houston with a date

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Dating in a city as big as Houston is hard enough without having to decide where to have this elusive date- so we decided to find you 10 perfect first date spots that will set the mood and surely secure you that second date! What better way to get to know someone than to walk around a finely curated building marveling at the breath-taking creations from the minds of artistic geniuses?

Could it get any better?

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Yes, it just did. The perfect part about a date at an art museum is that there is constantly something put in front of you that you can discuss. The picture alone is dreamy, now imagine being able to share that experience with a possible love connection. Two star-crossed lovers gazing up at everything the sky and James Turrrel has to offer, sparks are sure to fly. Its open to the public daily and to enjoy the twilight Epiphany sunset light sequence just walk up there 10 to 15 mins before to get a good seat. May your date be as bright and brilliant as this space.

You can wander around the paleontology collection, visit the Cockrell Butterfly Center, or catch a showing at the Imax.

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HMNS is a gem full of experiences worth sharing with that possible special someone. This bar nestled in on the streets of Downtown, Houston is as dreamy as it is delicious. Besides the plethora of amazing mixed drink and beer options the hammocks give it a laid back feel that will make you as comfortable as you can be on a first date. This place is a culinary experience that will have you and your date wanting for more.

The food is exquisite, the drinks are insane and the ambiance is warm and cozy-not pretentious in the least so you can really unwind and dig in.

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Lei Low is one of those Houston gems that makes you feel right at home as soon as you walk in. The place is tiny and cozy so you and your date will have to get up close and personal to talk- which is a total plus and the drinks are an experience in themselves!

It is an interactive movie going experience since your under that stars and taking in everything the Houston skyline has to offer. After a trip through the zoo with someone you otter know if you want that second date or not. Not only can yall talk about your favorite animals or why your spirit animal is a sloth, because same, it also gives you ample walking time which means you have the chance to really get to know each other.

Absolutely nothing.

Wanting to Houston with a date

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