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Obituaries Could the planned core site become a breeding ground for insects and create problems? Congregations and sectors of the local community are ing to express their concerns and unite in solidarity. Self preservation, protecting future generations and preserving the environment is on peoples' minds.

SKA's expansion plans initially sent shock waves throughout the community, but a gradual shift towards an united front exercising damage control on a constructive level is falling into place. Restrictions on radio frequencies and the loss of mobile communications will have direct consequences on all social structures. Much of the Northern Cape will be thrown back to an era before mobile technology. Human resources, potential growth, creativity and personal development could be compromised. Hand held mobile devices are educational tools and connects the global community.

Families and friends will feel cut off from each other and this could typically lead to social problems. Many might choose to move away from the area, and perhaps reduced human activity might be welcomed by the SKA foundation. Municipalities are struggling nationally with chronic housing shortages, according to research work done by the International Labour Organisations ILO in Karoo towns are no exception, and the problem will worsen should people be displaced.

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For example, by late there were applications for subsidized houses in the town of Carnarvon. Only Naughty Adult Dating - Carnarvon single women 80 homes have been built by the state in Carnarvon over the last 20 years 4 houses annually. Should farms no longer produce, more people will look for housing in the local towns, where crowded conditions, comparatively high rentals, and sanitary challenges already prevail. The CSIR report neglects to mention the housing shortage in Carnarvon, but mentions the housing shortages in towns further away from the core area.

The of registered homeless people in Carnarvon was 61 early in According to a municipal employee, this figure is incomplete and could be much higher. There are several areas with shacks, people who sleep under the open sky, and overcrowded homes where large extended families are crammed into a small space.

Social work is plentiful, and abusive substances pose a problem. The South African government is spending "astronomical" amounts on SKA while many of its people living in the area are in dire need of basic facilities. Funds to the tune of R recently disappeared out of the municipal coffers intended for a local soup kitchen to feed the poor.

Social and political problems may escalate should unemployment figures rise. Churches, recreational facilities, clubs and organisations and unions will lose members and their financial contributions. Cultural activities and annual traditions will fall away due to radio al restrictions, such as the annual fly-in where pilots "jet" in to Carnarvon for a weekend of flying and fun.

Many towns have quaint restaurants, small hotels, annual shows, sporting events, extra curricular activities and privately organised charities and social programs to add quality of life to rural existence. Typically the weaker members of society are taken care of by private initiatives and charitable organisations as some operate with little or no state support.

The success of all activities in rural towns, depend on financial contributions from the farming sector and on the participation of all its people. There are dinosaur fossils in the Karoo as it was a swamp millions of years ago. Rock art, spearhe, remnants of early settlements and stone constructions are frequently found. These are often places of spiritual value to former inhabitants of the area and rightfully deserve to be honoured.

Corbelled houses are unique to the area. There are very old and artistically crafted gravestones on farms where cemeteries house 5 or 6 generation.

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Some farms have beautiful old Victorian homes. Many towns have Victorian and Art Deco homes or structures and some of the early churches are true heritage gems. Simple stone masonry work of a by gone era with pleasing proportions adorn towns and farms. There are 40 heritage sites listed in Carnarvon. Examples for Williston and Carnarvon. Authors past and present of note come from this area or still reside here. And many famous stories and legends find their origin in this unique, hardy and somewhat rugged place.

The extremities of the land and weather conditions are reflected in peoples faces, their moods and attitude. This is the stuff that makes them so different, so honest and real, and so like-able. There is sadness from the past and there is still hunger and need, and there is fear for the future is now unknown But there is always time to talk, time for a handshake and time for a kind word, or argument.

Life happens on the street, and people like to talk and laugh together. People have nicknames, very funny ones. Humour acts like cements and unites people at the core. Here are some famous characters form the Karoo. Rhythm, joy, passionate belief and song flow from churches every Sunday morning. Souls uplift Dance, in rhythm and joy with the people of the Northern Cape, and they will dance with you in joy.

It is captivating, simply captivating. One example is the VG Kerk. The VG Church was established in as a Rhenish mission and has old and rich traditions. And then there is the Riel dancea traditional dance performed in the dust It is an age-old dance of the Khoisan performed to the beat of "boeremusiek", especially in the Karoo and Northern Cape. Stakeholders were encouraged to object in writing rather than through debate at the meetings. Many written representations were forwarded to the DST but there are no known s of answers or solutions in return.

Unfortunately these meetings were not well advertised and this limited participation. The minutes to these meetings were never shared with the public, and so continued discussion, negotiations and problem solving became Naughty Adult Dating - Carnarvon single women. The public is ill-informed despite a multitude of meetings where transparency or solutions have not been offered.

SKA representatives have also regularly held meetings with local inhabitants, but no minutes were supplied either. It became common practise at the opening of meetings hosted by SKA for a representative to firstly admit that the organisation had not behaved in a transparent manner in the past, but that it would change with immediate effect.

The public would then be requested to be trusting of SKA's and its good will. Such comments have been repeated at almost every public meeting. However the minutes of these meetings were not supplied but rather continued to be withheld despite several requests. Some SKA officials have persistently claimed at public meetings that a phase 2 is a mere dream and will never happen. This is clearly to calm people down as the project threatens to swallow more and more Naughty Adult Dating - Carnarvon single women, while displacing more and more people.

There is a lot of literature on the later phase and even agreements with other African countries. On the 17 of February a SKA representative admitted that phase 2 is planned and a reality. The lack of minutes after meetings resulted in a disruption of the public participation process, and inadequate communication.

The missing minutes, lack of certain impact studies, outstanding answers from the DST and SKA have left the public in a vacuum. Late in SKA invited stakeholders along the intended corridor arms to information sessions. Some people were surprised to discover, at that late stage, that they were stakeholders.

Prior tothe non-European electorate in the Cape had been essentially a Coloured one, mainly in the western Cape. But the annexation first of the Ciskei, inand then, fromof the Transkei and its formal incorporation into the colony inincreased substantially both the size and the proportion of the African population of the colony.

Bythe Africans had almost quadrupled in to 1. From the mids, the mission-educated Christians began to organise the African vote and to use it as a political weapon in the Cape elections. He argued that the Africans should not identify themselves with a particular political party or programme, but should acquire access to, and influence with, ificant MPs and ministers by organising their vote in a few key constituencies in which they could hold the balance of power.

The increasing proportion of Africans in the Cape population, and the potential for growing s of them in the Transkei to register for the vote and use it, alarmed many White politicians. He went on, with a surprising degree of frankness:. I will not now go into the large question of the difference of race and the causes of the superiority of one race to another; but it is my opinion that the black man here distinctly recognizes the superiority of the white man, and that for a very long time to come, perhaps for ever, the recognition will prevail to such an extent as to leave the representation in the hands of men of European descent.

It is, in my opinion, extremely dangerous under a representative Government to establish the principle that the larger part of the population shall have no voice in the councils of the country. The true way to remove discontent is to provide a channel for its true utterance. It is the recognition of the soundness of this principle that has been at the bottom of many Reform Bills that have received the assent of the British Legislature. It is the refusal to recognise it that has led to so much disturbance and rebellion on the continent of Europe.

Under Parliamentary Government representation is your safety-valve. Tie down your safety-valve and there is an explosion. One reason for this was the Afrikaner Bond — a political organisation established to represent the interests of White Afrikaner farmers; under the leadership of Jan Hofmeyr, it became a political force in the Cape parliament in the s, and began to press for measures to curb the s of African voters. He stated that the Cape had ly allowed too many Africans to vote, but must now change; Africans should still be able to qualify for the vote, but not those living on communal tenure.

Giving Maori the vote in New Zealand, he claimed, had proved a failure; on the other hand, Natal had effectively disfranchised its Africans and Indians, and the Cape should do the same. We are to to be lords over them.

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The native is to be treated as and denied the franchise. At a stroke, this Act disfranchised about 20, voters, mostly Africans; one-third of the African voters of the eastern Cape lost their votes. Jabavu responded by organising local political groups to encourage Africans to register, which kept their s up; inin twelve eastern Cape constituencies, Africans still comprised 30 per cent of the electorate, and in another ten constituencies they formed 20—29 per cent.

The colonial literacy rate then was: about 26 per cent for Coloured people; 11 per cent for Africans in the more settled areas; and only about 4 per cent for Africans in the frontier parts of the eastern Cape. In the debate on the Bill, Rhodes stated that the Cape had ly allowed too many Africans to vote; now they must exclude from the vote those living on communal tenure. He highlighted existing discriminatory franchise practices in colonies with mixed populations, under either Britain or responsible government — Natal, Griqualand West, Canada and New Zealand.

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