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Platinum blonde is the lightest shade on the blonde hair color chart. It is a cool-toned whitish color that suits pale and light complexions. Platinum blonde is fabulous with any eye color, but it is magical on brown and blue-eyed ladies. Many ladies wish to sport blonde hairbut when they actually get there, the result leaves much to be desired.

Looking for platinum blonde is why we suggest you consider these key points before bleaching your hair. It is highly important that your platinum blonde hair color is even. Consequently, you should forget about any kind of dying for at least six months.

A fortnight before the bleaching procedure, you should treat your hair with a conditioning treatment. The truth is that no matter how innovative the bleaching formulas are, they will dry and might damage your hair. And the best you can do is nourish it properly at least two weeks before the procedure. Two days before the bleaching procedure, you should in no case wash your hair. The thing is that all the natural oils that are produced will secure your scalp from drying and that is crucial as well.

Lastly, you should prepare mentally for both the dramatic change of color and some change of length. Both are inevitable, after all. Step 1 - Prepare all the products and tools you need: To achieve a platinum blonde look, you will need these: :. Step 2 - Apply coconut oil: You need to coat your hair with coconut oil to soften the impact of the platinum blonde hair dye. Step 3 - Part your hair: Part your hair into up to 4 equal sections to apply the products evenly.

That is, it helps to activate the lightener. Make sure you read the instruction on the bottle to know how much you need to add. Step 5 - Apply mixed product on your hair: If you decide to dye your entire length, you should start from the roots. If not, apply the dye just where you desire. Step 7 - Make the platinum blonde shine: To finalize the tone and give it a shiny look, mix the toner and the developer.

Check the instructions as you mix. Usually, you need to mix until they turn into a puddle. Step 8 - Apply the mixed product gently to your hair: Distribute the mixture from the roots to the tips. Leave it for minutes before washing off. Step 9 - Wash with shampoo and conditioner: Wash off your hair with shampoo and conditioner, and there you have it Looking for platinum blonde a new platinum blonde look!

You can follow these steps to get the platinum highlights on blond hair. Platinum blonde hair is super sexy and so much fun! All in all, blonde hair will never go out of style!

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It is easy to say that no matter the efforts and sometimes sacrifices — platinum blonde hair is worth it. But the fact remains that not all the ladies are ready for such dramatic changes. Terefore, those of you who are not ready to fully commit can easily try out any of the other available and not less trendy options, such as ombre, balayage blondhighlights, all with the involvement of platinum shades.

Take your pick! If you have dark blonde hairyou can add some light blonde or platinum highlights to give your hair some added body and dimension. Blonde hair is very alluring and playful at the same time! We have gathered some of the best styles for platinum blonde tresses that will drive your man absolutely wild. So, get out there and make him drool with your sexy new hair color! It may sound like a strong idea but it can turn out to look stunning when done right. The platinum blonde hair color can give your hair the life it was lacking.

Pick a hairstylist who is experienced with this technique on brown hair especially and you will not regret it. The contrast of the lightness of the platinum color against your dark hair will look beautiful for sure. You may even add a few ash highlights if you like a three-dimensional effect.

Combine your beautiful golden hair with a slightly dark color in the layers for adding some understated but noticeable dimension to your layered cut. If you have long hair, then we suggest keeping the difference in the length of the different layers just about noticeable but nothing too stark. Platinum blonde with lowlights like the one in the picture is easily achievable by using the right combination of hair color to achieve this effect.

This is indeed a great hairstyle for women with long and thick hair. This is a trending hair color in recent times because of the fact that many international celebrities have been seen sporting it at gala events. Icy blonde hair is definitely a bold choice to opt Looking for platinum blonde, but it can look great of women who have a pale to the light-medium complexion.

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Also known as the platinum ice color, this hair color trend is catching up among the common public as well. Stylists are receiving more and Looking for platinum blonde women, especially those with long straight hair, who want to get this platinum hair coloring done. Platinum blonde medium hair can look great in a wavy, long bob haircut.

The hair length just kisses the shoulders and the brilliance of the hair color shines through in this hairstyle, for sure. Using some texturizing spray to get the right look and hold for your waves. If you have straight hair, use a wide curler to achieve the waves. If you are a brunette and need a change from your dark hair, ask your stylist to add some platinum highlights on your dark brown hair. This will be the hair makeover you have been yearning for.

The hair color transitions so smoothly from the dark brown Looking for platinum blonde to the platinum color at the tips. It starts off with a platinum highlight on the top of the head and moves onto becoming totally platinum blonde at the end. Your search for dark brown hair with platinum highlights pictures ends here, undoubtedly. Save this picture and book an appointment with your stylist today! Dark roots may seem to be a problem when you want to get platinum highlights done. It does involve its fair share of stripping away the dark color, but the end result is definitely worth it.

In fact, black roots look great with a light blonde balayagelike the model in the picture. The transition of the hair color from the dark roots to the blonde on the top of the head almost gives the appearance of platinum blonde hair with lowlights.

It is just astounding when it is done with precision by an experienced hairstylist who knows when and how to adjust the tonality to achieve such a result. For a short hairstyle with platinum silver hair color, a sleek blunt cut like this picture is a wonderful option. If you have straight hair with medium thickness, go in for this bob haircut with a blunt cut. Keep the roots natural and ask your stylist to apply the platinum blonde dye in a way that will flatter your haircut and hair texture at the same time.

A balayage blonde for straight hair is one of the best options when it comes to hair coloring techniques for this sleek, blunt bob hairstyle. For medium length hair, a blonde balayage on brown hair can help you facial features stand out even more when you style your hair right. This hair coloring technique is subtle and flattering on brown hair and can easily be done using platinum blonde hair color. The lighter and more prominent hair color can be made to start around the eye level so that the hair strands with this platinum color frame your hair.

This balayage dark blonde hairstyle can be styled poker straight or with cute, beachy waves like the model in the picture. For a softer version of platinum blonde highlights, you can opt for a brown to blonde ombre hairstyle. Naturally brown hair can be made to transition to a lighter brown and then proceed onto the platinum blonde hair color.

The gradient effect can be attained successfully with the platinum balayage on dark hair method. It is a combination of traditional and modern hair coloring techniques that can bring out your skin tone. The shift in the hair color in this balayage blonde bob is seamless and suits both straight hair and wavy hair textures.

Wavy hair is so Disney-like and reminds us of playful princesses. A platinum balayage is a hairstyle that you should definitely try if you are considering this popular hair color for your long, wavy hair. Brown haired women are at an advantage as the platinum hair color will easily latch onto their natural hair and last long as well.

A balayage with blonde highlights on your wavy hair will give your entire look a bohemian touch. A messy, half up-do is all you need to add the final touches to the look! This icy platinum blonde hair shade is very striking and youthful. The soft shade will work for any complexion and eye color, but you need to be ready to make a commitment. It doesn't require as much upkeep with the darker roots.

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This style will Looking for platinum blonde those with cooler eyes and fair, neural, or beige complexions. To maintain this trendy look, you should use a hair mask once a week to help preserve the color and keep your hair shiny and healthy. For those who want a multi-tonal blonde look, this style is stunning. Platinum blonde starts at the tips and then fades slowly to honey blonde at the roots.

This is another low-key look that doesn't require a lot of upkeep. This color combo looks best on those with pale or ashy skin tones. Bob haircuts are always in style and this icy blonde angled bob is no exception! The icy blonde tones will add a ton of depth to your tresses. We think this color will best suit those with fair skin and light eyes. This look is so youthful and vibrant that your man will stop dead in his tracks!

This pearly platinum blonde hair shade will glisten in the sunlight for a sexy, shimmery effect! It works best on those with lighter skin tones. However, even those with darker complexions can pull it off with a little confidence.

This sultry look will make his jaw drop when you walk in the room! If you want to lighten up your thicker tresses, this sassy Scandinavian blonde color and cut will work wonders! The carefree, tousled waves are super flirty and feminine, and the multi tonal shades of blonde give it added depth and movement. We recommend this shade if you have a warm complexion.

If you want to go all out and embrace Looking for platinum blonde inner blonde bombshell, this look is for you! This color will nicely compliment those with an olive or pinkish complexion. If you want to keep your longer locks, this sexy platinum blonde balayage is perfect! The slightly darker shadows at the root with the platinum blonde babylights add depth and dimension to your long tresses.

With the darker shade framing the face as well as the roots, this combo will work for any eye color and skin tone. If you really want to drive your man wild, this sexy platinum blonde balayage with soft beach waves is truly breathtaking! The color and bouncy waves add movement to your tresses. The best thing about this look is that it will suit any complexion! The combination of ash and ice blonde tones is absolutely striking! The carefree, messy waves add a ton of sex appeal to this sultry style!

If you are confident, you can pull off this look no matter what your skin tone is! This combo of shimmery blondes is very sexy and chic! The soft balayage effect that slowly fades to platinum blonde tips is the perfect subtle ombre look for those who want both sass and class! Another classic bob style with a sexy blonde twist is this shoulder-length lob.

Looking for platinum blonde

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35 Best Platinum Blonde Hair Colors to Try