Lonely house wives or single mothers

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These findings are based on Gallup World Poll data aggregated from to The high proportion of single mothers in sub-Saharan Africa can be largely attributed to high fertility rates and young average ages of populations. The region's women tend to have a shorter life expectancy and more children on average than women in most other regions -- and so they spend more of their lives raising children. Widespread poverty also often le extended families to cohabitate, so it may be more likely in low-income regions for women who have children in their household to be a relative other than their mother.

Countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia also have high fertility rates, but relatively few women in these regions, where traditional family structures remain the norm, are unmarried.

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This finding corresponds with studies showing Latin America is the region with the highest percentage of children born out of wedlock. However, it is also the region with the highest levels of cohabitation, suggesting unmarried women with children are less likely in Latin America than in other regions to be raising those children alone. Between the two countries that make up this region, the U.

In the U. Other than Australia and the U. Such factors may help explain why single women with children in these countries are less likely than those in the U. Recent studies highlight the difficulty Americans in areas with low average education and high poverty rates currently have in finding good jobs; a Gallup study of disadvantaged U. Low-income single mothers are further challenged by the need to balance their jobs with parenting duties, particularly given the high cost of childcare. These suggest strategies for helping single mothers find stable employment and balance it with their childcare duties are a key consideration for policymakers seeking ways to boost economic participation, particularly in low-income communities.

For complete methodology and specific survey dates, please review Gallup's Country Data Set details. Learn more about how the Gallup World Poll works. The global figures presented in this report are based on data gathered between and from countries and areas.

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In most countries, samples consist of about 1, adult residents aged 15 and older per year; thus, aggregated from five years provide a total of about 5, adult residents per country. All reported margins of sampling error include computed de effects for weighting.

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from the U. The subsample of single women with children younger than 15 in the household consists of women aged 18 to Stay up to date with our latest insights. Single women raising children often face financial challenges regardless of where they live in the world. But Gallup data suggest the U. Married mothers in the U.

This International Women's Day, Gallup talks to three female interviewers in Germany, France and Spain about why they do the work they do, the challenges they've faced and what they've learned from working with the World Poll. Leaders need a workplace culture that reinforces and communicates its mission as new moms return to work. Create a more inclusive culture today.

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Percentage of single women with children who fall into their country's lowest income quintile. Survey Methods. Subscribe to the Gallup News brief and real time alerts. Up.

Lonely house wives or single mothers

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