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There was amazing ups and agonising downs but Adam Le Fondre will never be forgotten at Bolton Wanderers. When the day finally comes that fans return to fill the dusty seats at the University of Bolton Stadium and replace the eerie emptiness with songs once more, one chant will almost certainly be on the hymn sheet. It doesn't matter that he hasn't actually been a Bolton Wanderers player for three years now, Adam Le Fondre remains beloved.

A goal grabber who immediately struck an accord with the fan base from his very first game which eventually saw him return for not one but two more stints with the club. A man who played crucial roles in bringing rare moments of celebration amid years of struggle and always had time for supporters, be it having a laugh on Twitter or just stopping for a photo. When asked by the Manchester Evening News about his special relationship Let me Bolton fresh relationship the fans he can't keep the smile off his face, gleaming as he remembers the love he was shown by the supporters after an unhappy few years at various other clubs.

So it gave me a rebirth, I think they've seen a completely different player when I've ed them and they could see my enthusiasm for playing for them because I was being successful and scoring goals. As a striker that's what you survive off, you thrive off being loved. Who doesn't want people screaming your name and telling you how much they love them?

Brentford away when I think the chant started and they didn't stop ing it, it was like an anthem. Whenever I was at the club it was forever that song, I would hear 'ole ole' and I loved it. It touched my ego as a player and it really boosted my confidence. I wouldn't say slump but dour perspective on football at the time. Wolves and Wigan didn't work out too great and I really invigorated myself again in League One with the team when we got promoted.

I think the fans saw that and fed off my energy and I fed of their energy. I loved that. Ultimately I wanted to come back to Bolton, I was desperate to come back to Bolton because I knew the success I would have in that team. The Blue Birds - or the Red Dragons as they were known at that chaotic time - were engulfed in turmoil and their new striker made a mere 25 appearances for the club. Just a few months later, in the very next transfer window, Le Fondre was returning home to the North West and ing for Let me Bolton fresh relationship Wanderers. Cardiff's mistake couldn't have been made more apparent as in his third appearance he scored his first goal, capitalising on a horrendous goalkeeping error and effortlessly lobbing the ball in from yards.

It was the first of eight goals in just 17 games and the Whites finally had a reliable scorer in their ranks again. But it wasn't just that that warmed him to the Bolton faithful but also his tireless harrying of defenders and clever link-up play with his fellow forwards.

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It may not have seemed so at the time but in hindsight it was a Bolton team packed with real talent and promise. Le Fondre seemed like the final piece. There was a rare sense of optimism under Winter Hill following the end of the campaign under the stewardship of Neil Lennon and Le Fondre was desperate to return to realise that potential. As is the way with Bolton over the last decade, the good times didn't last.

I couldn't wait to back. We played Birmingham last game of the season, I went into the manager's office straight after the game. I was like: 'Lenny, when am I ing? I want to now for next season' and he was like: 'right, I'll speak to your agent tomorrow. So I went: 'Right, let's get it sorted. This feels like home already. Let's get it done. He spoke to my agent the next day he said, 'yeah we're going to get something sorted' and that dragged on for eight weeks.

All through summer.

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He said: "Don't worry, we're going to you. I've left the No. I want to come back! For me, it felt like if I came back I was scoring 30 that season for Lennon. This was the right place, the right time, the right club. If we could get me in the building then it was a good time for me for ing. I think with Eidur he was a little bit older but he still had that touch of class about him. He still had the pass, he could still see things that not many people in world football could see at that time. He could with one subtle movement cut open a defence, perfect for someone like me who's always a front foot striker and looking to exploit defences really quick in transition and he was brilliant for that.

I loved playing up front with Emile because I think the Brentford game he was unbelievable. Playing up front with him was so fun that game because he absolutely bullied them. He was 36, 37 at the time as well. I only dreamt of playing with players like that when I was younger.

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If they were younger as well then I only imagine what I could have done playing with them. Me and Cloughy clicked. I took him under my wing and sort of used him as a prodigy. I loved playing with him he's such a good and clever footballer as well, we just seemed to be on the same wave length all the time. We had such a great relationship. I think everyone was the same, everyone in the club was like: 'Yeah can't wait to get back, Clougy and Alife, let's go again. And then it got to a week before the season started and I still hadn't ed and I spoke to Lennon: 'What the hell's going on?

I thought you wanted me? I thought I'm you're one ing? What the hell's going on? You've ed all these players and you're not ing me! I don't know what it was about but he wouldn't sanction it. I was just: 'What do you mean?

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I'm going to have to for someone else if you don't so something! I can't just sit in the ressies at Cardiff. I was a bit dumbfounded and then the later that season got on the more trouble they were in and it became apparent what was going on around March time. You knew something bad was coming for Bolton. The following 18 months saw struggles for both.

With former owner Eddie Davies wanting to sell up and potential buyers not exactly queueing out of the door, Bolton went to the very brink of existence and survived multiple dates in court by the very skin of their teeth.

They were eventually saved, but it transpired to be a case of out of the frying pan and unwittingly into another fiery death spiral of doom. Lennon was sacked. The Whites went down to the third tier for the first time in 23 years.

But, under new ownership and the management of Phil Parkinson, an instant return looked on the cards. Le Fondre, meanwhile, endured more frustration at Cardiff and struggled on loan spells at Wolves and Wigan Athletic. But even ing one of Bolton's fiercest rivals wasn't enough to shatter the bond. On January deadline dayhe returned for a Let me Bolton fresh relationship loan spell to get the Whites over the line and back to the Championship. However, once again, it wasn't plain sailing and while there was delight at the return of Le Fondre, that same January also saw the departure of local hero Clough for Nottingham Forest.

I was like alright mate no worries. I had Huddersfield and Wigan at the time, then Huddersfield mysteriously dropped out and then Wigan went cold. So I was like what's going on here, what you mean you're going cold? Then I obviously ed for Wigan. I sort of knew the team before it as well and I knew if I ed that team we were getting promoted.

We had a monster squad, we had a Championship squad in League One. Do you want me? Let's get it done, I don't want to mess around! I was like 'oh You've done really well, you deserve it. I'm buzzing for you.

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I was out of it.

Let me Bolton fresh relationship

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