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In the episode, the library department tries to take control of a vacant lot where Leslie plans to build a park. Ron 's ex-wife, one of Leslie's directors, sexually manipulates Ron to get what she wants. The episode was written by Mike Scully and directed by Troy Miller.

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According to Nielsen Media Researchit was seen by 4. Andy Chris Pratt takes over as the shoeshiner at the Pawnee town hall, replacing "Old Gus" Jack Carterwho insults everybody during a farewell party. Later, Mark Paul Schneider breaks the bad news to Leslie Amy Poehler that the Pawnee library has placed a planning claim for Lot 48, which Leslie has been working to turn into a park.

Lady wants sex Offerman and the rest of the parks department express hatred for the library, which Leslie declares a "diabolical, ruthless bunch of bureaucrats", much to the confusion of Ann Rashida Jones. Ron Nick Offerman is particularly angry to learn his ex-wife Tammy Megan Mullallywho he insists is evil incarnate, is the new library director. Leslie decides to confront Tammy directly, only to find Tammy seems to be a friendly woman who instantly agrees to let Leslie have Lot 48 as a "professional courtesy".

Impressed, Leslie brings Tammy to the parks department so she can talk to Ron and work out their differences. Tammy and an agitated Ron go off to have coffee, and Donna Retta insists to Leslie that the arrangement is a mistake because the two act crazy when they are together.

At a local diner, Ron and Tammy immediately start a very loud argument in front of the other patrons. Moments later, however, the two are publicly making out on the table in front of everyone. The two rush off to a motel, where they frantically remove their clothing before even entering the building. Ann and her boyfriend Mark run into Andy, Ann's ex-boyfriend.

Andy flirts with Ann in front of Mark, and openly admits he plans to win her back from him. Mark asks advice from Tom Aziz Ansariwho suggests Mark should take the high road although Tom tells the documentary crew that he never takes the high road, but tells everyone else to do so, so there is more room for him on "the low road".

Mark tries to have a gentlemanly discussion with Andy, who continues to insist he loves Ann, pointing to the many photos he has of her around his shoeshine station. Finally, Ann confronts Andy and tells him to stop discussing her with Mark, as well as to remove her photos from the wall. A cheery and singing Ron who is wearing his " Tiger Woods " outfit, which is an outfit he wears after having sex openly discusses the details his sexual exploits with Tammy to an uncomfortable Leslie. Although she is initially pleased with the of her Lady wants sex Offerman, Leslie soon realizes Tammy is using sex to manipulate Ron to give her control of Lot Leslie confronts Tammy, who admits to the plot and brags that this is how the library operates.

Leslie tries to get Ron to break up with Tammy, but he insists he cannot confront her without Leslie's help. The two go to the library, where Ron starts to cave in when Tammy flirts with him. Leslie tells Ron to do whatever will make him happy, even if it means giving up the lot.

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Ron, impressed that anyone would put his own needs before their own, decides instead to break up with Tammy and give the lot back to Leslie. After breaking the news to Tammy off-camera, he leaves the library with a push-pin stuck in his forehead, and part of his mustache missing, and he and Leslie flee the library. The two share a drink, where Leslie encourages Ron to insult Tammy.

The episode featured comedian and actress Megan Mullally in a guest appearance as Ron's ex-wife, Tammy.

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Offerman was extremely responsive to the idea. Offerman and Mullally improvised many of their on-screen fights, as well as the varied methods of unusual kissing between the two characters. During the diner scene, in which Ron and Tammy switch between violent fighting and passionate kissing, Offerman accidentally pulled a diner table out of the wall after placing Mullally on top of it and kissing her. The scene was used in the final episode.

Offerman said of filming the diner scenes, "At the end of doing that for a few hours, we said, you know that feels like it was five weeks worth of really good therapy. During a scene with Ron and Tammy start stripping while running into a motel room, Mullally removed her top and appeared topless during filming. Mullally improvised the move and did not tell the crew she planned to do it. He particularly enjoyed the rapport between Poehler and Mullally, and said he "just wanted to pinch himself" to prevent from laughing. In the pilot episode of Parks and Recreationa photo of retired basketball coach Bobby Knight is on the wall.

When it had to be removed for legal reasons, Parks and Recreation Schur searched an image library for "things we thought Ron would like" and found the breakfast photo. Schur said he thought it Lady wants sex Offerman perfect for the character, and it inspired the dialogue in the episode. Within a week of the episode's original broadcast, two deleted scenes from "Ron and Tammy" were made available on the official Parks and Recreation website.

In the first two-minute-long clip, Ron describes Tammy to Leslie in increasingly horrible ways, and Leslie talks to Tammy about problems the two had had, including an instance in which Tammy seduces Ron's father. In the second second clip, Tom directs customers to Andy's shoeshine in exchange for a 40 percent commission, while Mark tries to get Ann to abandon her nursing patients to spend more time with him.

Lawrence, a neighbor with a long-standing feud with Andy, mocks him by giving him dozens of soiled shoes to clean. The day after having sex with Tammy, Ron comes to work wearing a red shirt and black pants, which prompts Tom to observe that Ron always dresses like golf pro Tiger Woods after having sex.

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This joke was written before the story of Woods' extramarital affairs scandal broke in the news in November Andy is said to have auditioned for the reality television show Survivor and the television game show Deal or No Deal. During an audition tape, he is shown gutting a fish to prove he could perform on Deal or No Dealeven though the action is far more appropriate for Survivor. During one scene, to Leslie's shock and confusion, Tammy said she Lady wants sex Offerman rather be Cleopatrathe last pharaoh of Egypt 's Ptolemaic dynastythan Eleanor Rooseveltthe former First Lady and wife of U.

President Franklin D. In its original American broadcast on November 5,"Ron and Tammy" was seen by 4. Among viewers aged between 18 and 49, the episode drew a 2. It was the highest rating to that point for the seasonand a 10 percent jump from the episode, " Greg Pikitis ". Sepinwall also praised the parks employees' hatred for the library, and the fact that minor characters Jerry and Donna are further developing. Fowler said the Andy subplot was less funny than the main plot, but it advanced Andy's character.

Club praised the episode and the performance of Offerman, who he said showed a deeper comedic range than in episodes. Heisler also praised Pratt and Poehler, who he said shined in showing a more sensible side. Steve Kandell of New York magazine called "Ron and Tammy" one of the moments when Parks and Recreation "found its voice and its footing". Angus praised Offerman's performance and his pairing with Mullally. Roush particularly praised the comedic chemistry between Offerman and Mullally, who he said "make beautiful comic music together". The DVD included deleted scenes for each episode.

If they had just cast another funny actress, there's a politeness where we wouldn't have gone as far. But since we have literally already been inside each other, well, we know the depths to which we can safely go. Offerman performs so perfectly deadpan that you actually believe in the ridiculous things he says, which makes it that much funnier.

And I generally don't like Megan Mullally, but seeing Offerman's real-life wife play Swanson's ex-wife made me laugh harder than I've laughed at any show this year. December 3, Archived from the original on January 22, Retrieved December 6, Entertainment Weekly. Archived from the original on February 2, Retrieved November 6, The A. NBC Official. Retrieved November 7, Season 1. Episode Universal City, California. Archived from the original on June 20, Retrieved January 24, Retrieved January 1, The Star-Ledger.

Archived from the original on December 5, Archived from the original on February 13, Retrieved February 11, New York. Retrieved February 13, Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Event occurs at Deleted Scenes: Ron and Tammy. TV Guide. TV Lady wants sex Offerman the s. Archived from the original on July 8, Retrieved January 29, Archived from the original on November 10, Retrieved February 12, The Huffington Post. November 5, Ain't It Cool News. November 6, Retrieved November 30, DVD Talk. Parks and Recreation. Pawnee Awards and nominations. : American television episodes Parks and Recreation season 2 episodes.

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Lady wants sex Offerman

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