I soo need a female friendship

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I used to be one of those girls who was only friends with guys. I went to an all-girls high school and after four years, I was sick of being surrounded by girls all the time. So, in college, I made sure things were different. I never would have thought to look for that something within a group of girls, as I I soo need a female friendship trouble clicking with them throughout high school and even in college. But that happens to be where I recently found it. I went through a tough breakup this summer and that was when I realized I needed the support of other girls. I needed the support of people who understood what I was going through, people who could empathize and help me get back on the right track.

I came to realize that my guy friends could not do that for me——only women could. Unfortunately, since I was severely lacking in female friends, I had no idea who to reach out to. Luckily, I had befriended a girl at a random party a few months before. She has quickly become one of my best friends and she soon introduced me to her group of friends.

Quite the contrary, actually. They understood me and welcomed me into the group with open arms. For the longest time, I was not interested in the slightest in making friends with other girls. I actually tried to avoid it. But within a few short months, my entire mindset has been turned around by a small group of girls and I now see exactly why female friendships are so important. In other words, girls will be there to accept you without judging you for your feelings. Even my closest guy friends would look at me funny if I started talking in detail about the minute things I worry about when choosing an outfit every morning.

While this may be a product of the problematic gender roles in society today or it may just be a result of biology or a combination of bothwomen are more open about their emotions than most guys are. Often we feel them so strongly that they can drive us to do and say things that, in hindsight, seem so unlike us that we wonder what came over us. And most importantly, female friendships are important because associating with other strong women makes us stronger in the end. Unfortunately, we live in a world that tries to tear women down, make us the lesser half of society, and discounts our emotions and opinions much too often.

Well, none of this is true——and the only way to stop yourself from falling into the trap of believing it is to surround yourself with other strong women. In your friendships with them, you will be able to keep each other in check, be brutally honest with each other, be angry together, laugh together, and cry together. When you and your girl friends are able to build each other up despite all the negativity circulating in the world today, you will feel confident and invincible.

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How do you go about meeting other girls, let alone become close to them? Most girls will be pumped if you reach out to them with something personal and they will return the favor the next time they need someone to talk to. There are TONS of groups on social media exclusively for women. Some of them are location specific. When someone invites you to do something, say yes even if it makes you a little nervous!

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I have the group of female friends I have today, because I accepted an invitation to a party at the apartment of a guy I met at a video shoot once. And yes, I went to the party by myself. I knew I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone and meet more people, so I showed up and this random British girl approached me when she heard my American accent, wanting to tell me a story about when she studied abroad in New York. Sometimes all it takes is opening your mouth and saying yes and the rest will fall into place.

Last, but most definitely not least: remember to keep an open mind and try not to be judgmental.

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A judgmental female friend is the last thing other girls want. After all, most people turn to their female friends as a safe and comfortable place where they can be themselves without fear of judgment. Ask yourself what you would want in a female friend and become that. Coming from a girl who used to only be friends with guys — the effort is certainly worth it. Share Tweet. Start typing to see or hit ESC to close personal growth lifestyle career wellness self-care. See all. More Stories.

I soo need a female friendship

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