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Not only is she an adult, she is female. Getting a diagnosis matters, especially if the person is impaired and they are suffering. It matters enormously because they can do something about it.

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Adults living with ADD will commonly experience problems with memory, planning, sustaining attention, keeping track of their belongings and modulating impulses. Reeve tests out thoughts before she speaks; you can see it play out on her face. Before answering a complex question, she hesitates.

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Seconds pass. Her face either twitches slightly or her eyes blink, as she slides into a moment of discomfort while her brain searches for the right answer. He also does the majority of the housework. Adam says his wife not only moves mountains for her children, she has a huge heart and is passionate about helping other people. Reeve was diagnosed with ADD and accessed support over a year ago.

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Like many other adults with ADD, she experiences co-morbidities additional mental health issues. However, as Reeve explains, she lived most of her life without a diagnosis. Studies also suggest that between 60 to 70 per cent of children and adolescents diagnosed with the disease will carry it into adulthood. That means between 2 and 4 per cent of all Australian adults are living with the condition.

They are less likely to come to the attention of teachers and parents, while boys are more disruptive, are in and out of their seats causing more mayhem. That means the condition tends to get picked up more in boys. Sumich advises women who suspect they have ADD to seek out a diagnosis and treatment, especially if they have children. When you have more things to cope with and people to look after, your load in life is harder. Reeve adores her two children and cherishes her role as a mother. Medication, taken sparingly, allows her to read people better, think clearly and run her ing software business.

A huge calendar decorating the dining room wall serves as a reminder of key dates and events. There are also timers everywhere in the house to help her recognise the passage of time. She has finally come to accept that there are people who see her as worthwhile, as valuable and as important. Listen to the full episode of Earshot to hear about how ADD scrambles your brain and makes you socially awkward.

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Earshot is about people, places, stories and ideas, in all their diversity. ADD on my mind: diagnosing attention deficit disorder in adult women Yasmin Noone. Posted Mon 13 Julpm.

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Updated Tue 14 Julam. Image: Supplied.

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Adult ADHD and Relationships