I need a girl for a 3some

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These questions will plant the right seeds, eventually leading to more and more threesome-y conversations. Few things are sexier than erotica couched as a first-person confessional.

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Luckily, there are a lot of mostly appealing threesome s written by females. Share a few of these fascinating stories with your girlfriend—not all at once, but over the course of a few weeks, or months. Since quite a few highly regarded famous people have spoken freely about their involvement in threesomes, you might as well use this to your advantage. One non-threatening way to do this is to watch television programs and movies that highlight the act as glamorous and satisfying for all parties involved.

Obviously, steer clear of movies that depict threesomes as debauched, shameful, or at all disappointing. Watching pornography as a couple can be a powerful turn on, and an effective way to get your partner thinking about a specific new sex act. To get your girlfriend accustomed to what an authentic threesome looks like—and not just the Hollywood, beautiful person version—porn can be helpful.

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Select a few amateur videos featuring above average looking regular folks—not a hardcore porno starring deer vaginas and impossibly well-endowed men—and screen them over the course of a few weeks. One of the best ways to make your girlfriend feel comfortable with the idea of being naked with a third party is to hit up a strip club together, and—after several rounds of drinks, maybe—buy her a lap dance.

Just be sure to keep your long-term agenda to yourself. Gifting someone a threesome is the opposite of empowering. Personal bucket lists are for sky diving, base jumping, visiting the Egyptian pyramids, and learning how to speak Mandarin. A few key points should be emphasized. Tell your girlfriend that she is and always will be your one priority. You want to experience something new with your lover, and you sincerely believe it will be wild and fulfilling for both of you.

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No additional man or woman is going to interfere with your bond, inside or outside the bedroom. So tell your girlfriend that you will not only involve her in every aspect of the planning process, but also allow her to set some ground rules.

She might also respond well to being granted veto power when evaluating potential candidates. More than one person has been known to bend their own rules when caught in a whirlwind of passion, and some things are easier to negotiate in the moment. The goal is to coax her into a threesome, and then to let things unfold, trusting in the powers of lust, seduction, and arousal.

You may unsubscribe at any time. Initiate abstract discussions centered on hypotheticals. Send her related first-person stories written by women not men. Suggest watching TV shows and movies that glorify the act.

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Watch relevant porn featuring real people. Take her to a strip club. Give her the reassurance she covets. Let her set some ground rules. Just follow her on Facebook! More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! You're in! See you Friday. Follow Thought Catalog.

I need a girl for a 3some

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