Girl on Bridgeport walking your dog

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A woman from Bridgeport, CT is alleging that a man with a gun pulled it on her while she was walking her 8 week old puppy, and stole the dog.

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That post is now up to 5, shares to be exact, because people blindly share everything they see on Facebook in Does this look like the kind of woman who would find herself mixed up with drug dealers in Bridgeport? Everyone knows that posting on Facebook is a much more effective way to solving a crime than calling the police.

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On Christmas Day there were over a dozen posts before 6 AM. But yet here we are a week later and no dog. What exactly do you think armed robbery is dear? Even in Bridgeport I believe that classifies as a crime. A man literally pulled a gun on you and stole your living, breathing property. Oh I see. Thank you for clarifying.

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Police: Man firing gun out of Bridgeport home prompted neighborhood evacuation