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Additional information regarding call s can be found at Music Cataloguing at Yale: Call s. Library of Congress Subject Headings are ased by cataloguers. Organ Bibliography.

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G8 - on the Dictionary Table. Detailed and scholarly information on the history of the organ and the extensive organ repertory.

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Long considered to be the premier English-language resource for classical or Western art music, New Grove II contains information on popular music performers and genres, world music, jazz and 20th-century music. Grovemusic contains cross-references, illustrations, bibliographies, biographies, composers' works lists, and links to some sound files.

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Williams, Peter, Barbara Owen. The New Grove Organ.

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New York: W. Norton, W Support the Libraries. Archives and Special Collections C. Browse the Shelves for Music Most, but not all, organ music can be found in the following areas: Call s Description M 6 - 19 organ alone M 8 sonatas M 10 fugues with or without preludes M - one or more organs, two or more players M - organ and one other instrument M organ with full orchestra, concertos M organ with second keyboard reduction of concertos, etc.

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M organ with strings, concertos M organ with second keyboard reduction of concertos, etc. Sonatas Organ Suites Organ Canons, Fugues, etc. Most music will be found under the subject heading for a specific genre.

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