Asian men are sexy

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Occasionally a deadbeat. And that makes me incredibly happy.

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Watching the film, I realised that this depiction of an Asian man as a real person, let alone a protagonist and a love interest, was something I never had growing up. Both were successful and talented men, but neither was written into stories that granted much depth. Broadly speaking, it was hard to feel desirable when there was no popular conception of what a desirable me looked and sounded like.

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Sure, beauty is only skin deep and confidence is key and other turns of phrases quite rightfully encouraged me to look inwards to define myself. In the end, that confidence came with time and finding people with whom I could talk these things through. Nick Young seemed so perfect, from his baritone voice to this manicured stubble and powerful eyebrows, that he felt more like a fantasy than a real person.

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Potentially losing the person you love because your family is too rich for them is also not a particularly universal experience of life or love. Park and Golding are still only two Asian men out of billions to be in the spotlight. The films speak strongly to Asian diaspora in Western countries, but only touch the tip of the complex relationships they have between the cultures of their current and historical homes. These romantic comedies are big steps forward for representation.

But as much as they should be celebrated, they should also be acknowledged as a beginning rather than an end. Diversity exists within cultural groups just like it does between them. Eugene Yang is a freelance writer based in Melbourne.

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You can follow Eugene on Instagram at mr. Eugene is an artist at Digital Writers' Festival, an entirely online literary festival from 29 October - 2 November available anywhere with an internet connection. Want to be involved? Watch this space. out. Marcus Kim played by Randall Park comes across sometimes as a jerk.

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Asian men are sexy

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