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Dating has never been an easy task, not even for the so-called experts in dating. Winning a girl takes a whole lot, from the beginning till the end. From the very first step, you have to deal with your confidence to approach. Then you start to wonder how to convince her. After convincing, then you have to deal with keeping her. The women's game is never an easy one. It takes a lot dating an ordinary girl, how much more dating a rave girl, it Any raver girls out there not an easy task.

Rave girls are free-spirited, energetic, and have a taste for a life that few others can keep up with or even begin to understand. They live and love at the moment. They connect with the fashion, music, and culture of the movement. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon one of them, she may end up being the best thing that has ever happened to you. However, there are a few things you are going to need to know and appreciate about rave girls you will ever hope to be lucky to be with one.

Having this basic understanding can make things easier for you if you plan to enter, or are in, a relationship with one. Or just suddenly found yourself enter into a relationship with one without even knowing. Since you have vested the power on me to free-spirited winning the heart of arave girl, it will be unjust if I tell you not that there are certain tricks to approaching a rave girl.

Otherwise, you will blend with one in your dream and fantasy. Rave girls are no easy prey, they not easy to approach. Yes, they are dealt of fun to be with and you'll have a great time with on, but there are tricks to winning one. Here's classified information for you, don't just ask her awkwardly and directly because many boys ask the same thing.

Also, creative costumes are part of the rave dance community. It's okay, it does not mean Any raver girls out there must be dressed in this fashion. Now let's get to details. Forget About Everything — Feel Free. This is the way the rave girls are, free and unrestricted. They simply love and enjoy their dance. They passionate about trying new things so try to keep yourself away from boundaries.

So just enjoy the party and dance. When you start dancing with a rave girl maintain eye contact but don't be so creepy. Smile with your eyes. By doing so your eyes start glowing. Bed rest assured everything will work the way you want; just get started, and be sure the rest will fall in place. As time goes by you will be able to read the als and proceed with ease. When you approach a rave girl, don't just go with the intention of hook up. Not like hook-up is not allowed, that's not what I'm saying. Just go step by step, do not be in a hurry.

For rave girls, DJs' night or music festival is a place for enjoyment and fun. If you have a friend who keeps your wild side in control, this will make you more appealing to the girls who might end up approaching you themselves. The whole of your chances with a rave girl revolves around how and what you talk. You just have to be funny and make sure you talk in such a way that she likes and will make her take the interest in you.

Also, you must understand hat you are at a rave party and the music will be so loud and everyone is dancing. So just forget about talking. Instead of mouth talk, body language, facial expression, and dancing are the best tools for impressing anyone.

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When men go on date with a normal girl they think a lot about her dressing style but this not the case with rave girls. They usually wear what comes in their hand first. Rave girls primarily wear very revealing and highly trendy dresses. Let me be clear about this, it is not because they want that everyone should hit on them. It's just that they feel free in their outfits and can easily dance freely and it makes it easy to fun in hot weather.

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So understand that everything is quite different in the life of a rave girl than that of a normal girl. So man you have to copy that. However, we've secured some very lovely tips from the rave girls themselves. Coming from the horse's mouth, you can be sure it's a sure-fire. One thing you should know is rave girls are extremely passionate.

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They are not afraid to express their love for life or their friends. They see their rave family as their family too and will ensure that no stranger is left behind. And, oh! Rave booty is a real deal.

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It's not easy spending days dancing, headbanging, and walking miles on a single order of chicken fingers. Outside a festival season, be rest assured you can catch your favorite rave girl at the gym. They keep their bodies fit. So also, they keep their mind strong. Yes, rave girls may wear wild outfits and do crazy make up, chances are they've spent lots of time getting to know them.

So they are not afraid to dress the part. Rave girls are exceptionally independent and free-spirited. So if she tells you she loves you, she means it. Rave girls are party mongers. One reason you may want to be with a rave girl is that they have a tremendous amount of energy. They also know how to take care of themselves and each other. Yes, rave girls love meeting new people and making new friends, but they never forget the ones who came first.

Outside of shows or festivals, rave girls take their lives very seriously. Their energy is contagious. One reason to be with a rave girl is that they have an extreme work ethic.

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They know how to hustle both in and out of the party. Rave girls are extraordinarily open-minded. They value self-expression and always lead with their hearts. Rave girls are always on the lookout for ways and opportunities to spread positivity in their everyday lives. Some people say they are hopelessly optimistic. No shower? Out of food? It's pouring rain? In all situations, rave girls know how to hold their own. They are pretty hardcore. Visit our marketplace for original beats you can release as your own songs! By Gemtracks Staff Jul 2nd, Sandie P.

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Any raver girls out there

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